Cluster 1A: Teaching, Writing, Reflecting: Documenting the History of the Teaching Profession

August 27, 2010 by  

For General Education: English core requirement
For Education Majors

This cluster looks at how education policies and practices, as well as modes for their documentation, have changed over the years. Courses will examine how these changes are reflected by different social movements and key events in American history. The courses are interwoven in their focus on different methods of documenting the changes made in schooling at key moments in American history, such as before and after the end of slavery, during the Civil Rights movement and more current moments that influence today’s educational practices, such as the introduction of special education. During the course of the semester, we will visit local Civil Rights historical sites and low-income elementary schools, as well as create digital documentation, share completed research, produce videos and other documents.


Sandy Davis
Associate Professor, Education

Bettina Baker
Assistant Professor, Education

Lisa Baird
Assistant Professor, English

Blake Pridgen
Research & Instruction Librarian


  • EDU202: Introduction to Teaching & Learning
  • ENG152: Research Topics in College Writing (WI)
  • EDU241: Electronic Portfolio Development

WI = Writing Intensive


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